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Educational Zone #136 – An FAL Day at the Range and Some Winchester 73

I was headed to the range by myself today, as my usual shooting buddy had gone fishing. My wife asked if she could tag along and take some pictures. I said, “Sure!” My wife is an amateur photographer and likes to take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. She said I could shoot the guns and she would shoot the camera. When we arrived at the range, she took this one of me, half way to the target stands to put up some [...]

The Buick O’ Truth #4 – Rifles and Car Doors

We have all either seen or heard about the North Hollywood shootout, leaving us to wonder what kind of cover a car offers against these. Well, let’s find out, shall we? First up, the AR15.Notice that I managed to snap a picture while the weapon was cycling…Pretty darn cool if you ask me! Next up, the .308 fired from a Bushmaster AR-10 clone. Three rounds were fired from each weapon into the rear [...]