.45 ACP

.45 caliber ammunition comprises bullets (approximately 0.45 inch in diameter), first standardized by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company in 1872.

The Box O’ Truth #15 – Fragmentation Armor

We’ve had a lot of interest in what would Level II Armour do to stop bullets. This is commonly called “Fragmentation Armour” and is designed to stop shell fragments. While not designed as an anti-bullet armour, we wondered what it would do. My old buddy DVDTracker, of LifeLibertyEtc, sent me some old Level II vests from the military, and said to give them a try. Here’s one of the used vests [...]

The Box O’ Truth #17 – I Hear You Knocking – Metal Doors

I have had some folks ask about metal covered doors and how they would stand up to bullets. So….to the range. This is the setup. Neighbor was throwing away a metal front door. It is standard construction around here, thin metal over a wood frame, with foam insulation inside. We set up a drywall wall panel behind it to see what would happen. Top left and right, 9 mm JHP. Bottom left .45ACP Federal Hydrashock and [...]

The Box O’ Truth #19 – The Water Box O’ Truth pt. 3: Rifle Rounds

I’ve had a few folks ask me to do some tests to see what rifle rounds did when fired into water. Mythbusters did something like this a while back, but I wasn’t satisfied with their methods. First, we went to Wallyworld and bought 24 gallons of water. We were afraid that we would start a rumor that another hurricane was on the way and a riot would ensue. But no problems. Rifles often penetrate further than [...]

The Box O’ Truth #21 – The Breadbox O’ Truth

A recent thread in AR15.com stirred a big debate. It seems a “Firearms Instructor” told a student that a loaf of bread would stop a bullet, especially if the bullet was a Jacketed Hollow Point. Now, we all know that if you read it on the internet, it must be true. Right? So, to the range. My old buddy Tman doesn’t get many “acting” parts in these threads, so I assured him that this was safe, [...]

The Box O’ Truth #26 – Little Guns vs. The Box O’ Truth

Many of us have, from time to time, carried small guns that are easy to conceal. If asked, we would justify it by saying, “A .32 in your hand is better than a .45 ACP in your safe.” But, as Clint Smith has observed, “I never met a man that had been in a gunfight and wished that he had a smaller gun. Ever.” But if we decide to carry a small gun so that we can more easily conceal it, how effective [...]

The Box O’ Truth #28 – Cowboy Pistols and The Box O’ Truth

I have had several readers, many from other countries, ask about how American cowboy pistols would compare to modern firearms. Today, we will take a look. The most common “western” cartridge would surely be the .45 Long Colt. Many will say that it ought to be called simply the “.45 Colt”, as there is no “.45 Short Colt”. But to distinguish it from the .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) [...]

The Box O’ Truth #29 – The Helmets O’ Truth

Several people have asked me to shoot a new Kevlar helmet. My old buddy Ponyboy finally found a couple and sent them to me to test. Before we start, let me explain that we are not conducting “scientifically valid” tests on these brain buckets. It is my understanding that the military requires these helmets to withstand a round of 5.56 Ball at 200 yards. I am not certain of all the parameters, but it [...]

The Box O’ Truth #31 – The Books O’ Truth

I have had a number of folks send me notes on two related questions. The first is regarding the Bibles that some US troops carried in their shirt pockets in WWI and WWII. There were reports that some of these guys had bullets or shrapnel stopped by the Bibles in their pockets. Some enterprising guys even started selling metal covered Bibles that relatives could buy and send to troops. The question: Could a small Bible [...]

The Box O’ Truth #32 – Dum-Dum Bullets and the Box O’Truth

Had a few folks ask me recently about Dum-Dum bullets. Let’s see what we can find out about them on the Internet: “The ‘dum-dum’ was a British military bullet developed for use in India – at the Dum-Dum Arsenal – on the North West Frontier in the late 1890s. The dum-dum comprised a jacketed .303 bullet with the jacket nose open to expose its lead core. The aim was to improve the [...]

The Box O’ Truth #38 – RBCD Ammo Vs. The Box O’ Truth

My friend Aim4myhead sent me a note saying, “Have you ever tested RBCD Platinum Plus Ammunition? I have some and think it is great stuff. If I sent you some, would you test it?” I said, “Sure. But I will only report what I observe. If it doesn’t do so well, that’s what I will say.” He replied, “No problem. Just tell the truth about what you see. I believe it will be impressive. [...]
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