.308 / 7.62mm

The Box O’ Truth #48 – Laminated Bullet Proof Glass – Rifles

In Part One, we shot some glass rated for pistols. Today, we will test some glass rated for rifles. This piece of glass is very heavy. Here’s the set-up, with the glass supported on three sides. It is rated NIJ III for Rifles, and is 20 X 20 inches, and 2 inches thick, and weighs 70 pounds. That’s heavy. We already know that this sheet of glass will withstand 5 rounds of .308, as that is what is required to [...]

The Box O’ Truth #49 – Damaged Bullet Accuracy and the Box O’ Truth

I have had friends that were deer hunters that would closely inspect their hunting bullets and discard any that showed any damage whatsoever to the point of the bullet. Is this a good idea, or does it even matter? Let’s find out. First, I ordered a box of hunting bullets with an exposed lead tip. These are Hornady Interlock, .308 caliber, 150 grain, Jacketed Soft Point hunting bullets. They look great and I know [...]

The Box O’ Truth #50 – Shooting Bullets Backwards

A while back, I shot some bullets that had been loaded backwards in the case. I had read about this trick in a book by old Elmer Keith. He had found it difficult to find good soft nosed hunting bullets in the late 1930s, and had decided to try pulling some military ball bullets and turning them around so that the open end of the Full Metal Jacketed bullet was towards the front. He hoped that they might open up and work [...]

The Box O’ Truth #51 – The Effects of a Rifle Rest on Groups

A recent shoot got me to thinking. (Dangerous, I know) I have been told all my life that if a rifle barrel was allowed to rest on a hard surface it would have a bad effect on the accuracy. One school of thought was that a hard rest would result in larger groups. The other was that it would result in the group landing higher than normal on the target. I have even heard hunters say that they had missed their deer because [...]

Educational Zone #167 – The Savage 12 F/TR Target Rifle in .308

Some of you may remember a post I did about going to the NRA meeting in Houston this year. It was a great day and I got to monkey-finger a lot of great guns. One was the Savage F/TR Target Rifle in .308 Winchester. Here I am at the meeting with the rifle. Now you might not recognize that look on a shooter’s face, but it means, “I’ve gotta get one of these!”. I left that meeting determined to get one of those fine [...]
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