12 Gauge

The 12 gauge shotgun is a big and powerful close combat firearm, appropriate for “instinctive fire,” and is known as one of the more deadly short range firearms. It is commonly used for police forces and bank and values security companies. One of the most famous models for the 12 gauge shotgun is the Mossberg 500 Mills.

The Box O’ Truth #17 – I Hear You Knocking – Metal Doors

I have had some folks ask about metal covered doors and how they would stand up to bullets. So….to the range. This is the setup. Neighbor was throwing away a metal front door. It is standard construction around here, thin metal over a wood frame, with foam insulation inside. We set up a drywall wall panel behind it to see what would happen. Top left and right, 9 mm JHP. Bottom left .45ACP Federal Hydrashock and [...]

The Box O’ Truth #20 – Buckshot Patterns

On a recent post about sight off-set, we discussed using 00 Buckshot at close range. My friend dport wrote me and said, “I believe that the new “Reduced recoil” loads will pattern smaller than what you shot. Also, I’ve heard that they pattern smaller at longer ranges. If I sent you some ammo, could you test it and see?” My answer: Sure! So, we compiled some different 00 Buckshot. We tried [...]

The Box O’ Truth #35 – A Load of Dimes Vs. The Box O’ Truth

Well, I guess it’s time we finally put this one to rest. People are steadily asking me to try a load of dimes in a 12 gauge shotgun as a defense load. I guess all the westerns that use this load have created a myth that needs to be busted. First a little education. One of the ways old timers used to test an unmarked shotgun barrel for choke, was to try to insert a dime in the muzzle. If it would not go, it was a [...]

The Box O’ Truth #54 – Busting an Engine Block

Back in the early 1970s, I was told, as a young policeman, that one of the advantages of the .357 Magnum was that it would “bust an engine block”. I did not know if it would, but that was the persistent rumor. I’ve always wondered what it would really do, but hauling a heavy engine block to the range and then hauling it off to the dump was too much for me to tackle. But my old friend Boyd called me last week and [...]

The Box O’ Truth #56 – Federal Flight Control #1 Buckshot

For years, those of us that are interested have known that 00 buckshot was the “best available” load for most shooters for defensive purposes. Federal’s 00 buckshot load in their great FCW (Flight Control Wad) was the “best of the best”, as the FCW would hold the buckshot in the tightest patterns of any buckshot available. But we also knew that #1 buckshot would be even better, especially of loaded in the [...]
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