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Let’s Play a Game – The Quarters O’Truth

A long while back, Molon had a fun game where he had a copy of 10 quarters lined up on one target. The game was to shoot one shot each, and hit all 10 without a miss. I went to the range today and thought I’d finally give it a try. First I did a little warm up. I was shooting my Savage .308 bench rifle at 100 yards. It is a fine rifle and shoots where you point it. It also has a muzzle brake that removes all [...]

The 2018 SHOT Show – Part 2 – Lots of Pics

In Part 2 we will start with the MkG DRB-2 .45 ACP system. This is a blow-back design for the .45 ACP round. It has a very nice finish and a special receiver to allow the use of Glock magazines. It has a large bolt face for the .45 ACP, and has a round cam pin and a tapered bolt carrier. It locks open when the last round is fired. Next is the new Maxim 50, a black powder rifle with a built on silencer. The silencer is [...]

The 2018 SHOT Show (Part 1) – Lots of Pics

This year I was unable to go to the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, but I had a couple of friends that help me with the Box O’ Truth go in my place. They took lots of pictures and notes for me and I will share some of them with you. There were thousands of things to see there, but we will just show you some of the more interesting and new products. First is a Serbu RN-50 rifle. It shoots the .50 BMG round and retails for [...]

Handloading a New Cartridge

I had an interesting morning and thought I would share the results with all of you. I have written previously about a very nice Swedish 6.5 X 55 Mauser that I own. Swedish Model 96 Mauser I had never reloaded for it as I found 6.5 X 55 Military Ball and bought it cheap and stacked it deep. It usually shoots really well, much better than most military ball. But I have a good friend and he called me and told me he had [...]

The Remington 700 SPS Rifle

My nephew Shane recently bought a new deer hunting rifle for the thick East Texas woods. It is a Remington 700 SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic) in .308 Winchester. He also bought a Leupold 4-12 scope and a solid base for it. We put it all together in my shop and he was ready to sight it in. He is working a lot of overtime and deer season is fast approaching and he finally asked me if I could sight it in for him. (More on [...]

A Small Lesson About Bullets

I went to the range this morning with no intention of posting about anything. But I observed something I thought you guys might be interesting in seeing and talking about. I took my S&W 686, .357 Magnum pistol, stainless, with a 6 inch barrel. It is a fine shooter. Here it is. I wasn’t shooting .357 Mag loads today. I was shooting some .38 Special full wadcutters with a light load for accuracy. I was shooting at [...]

The Box O’ Truth – Will a Better Target Improve Accuracy with Iron Sights?

My old buddy j97531, who I will call Matt, recently had an idea for the Box O’ Truth. His question was: Will a better target improve accuracy when shooting with iron sights? We discussed how many targets work, such as in Military Rifle Matches. They use a large circle, with smaller circles inside it to score the target. But the entire target can be as big as 5 foot in diameter, as it is shot at 100, 200, and 300 yards. [...]

A Lovely Day at the Range and an Important Fact

Today was a nice morning, so I decided to make a range trip. The lovely wife decided to go with me. She likes to take photos as a hobby. I shot my Remington 700 VLS in .308. It shot great as usual. Here are my groups for it, with the best one being about .43 MOA at 100 yards. And here’s the smile of a guy that just shot a ½ inch group with a fine rifle. I also shot my Swiss K-31 with a Tasco 4-16 power scope on it. [...]

How Does Barrel Length on a Shotgun Affect Velocity?

I did a test last week where we shot an old Marlin Goose Gun with a 36 inch barrel and compared it to other shotguns with shorter barrels but with the same chokes. We wanted to see if the extra barrel length would cause the patterns to “tighten up”. The results were kind of surprising, as they indicated that barrel length had nothing to do with pattern size. Only the choke mattered. You can read about it here: Does a [...]

Does a Long Shotgun Barrel Tighten the Pattern?

I am very fortunate to have a great Pastor at my church. Not only is he a great preacher, but he is also my very good friend. And, he is a gun nut. He recently told me that he had gotten an old shotgun from his Dad. It is a Marlin Goose Gun, also sometimes called a “Long Tom”. It has a 36 inch barrel. Marlin marketed these to goose hunters with the understanding that they would “reach way up” and knock down the [...]
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