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I was recently in the market for a better concealed carry holster and saw that Alien Ware Holsters were a site sponsor at I researched their product line and found a holster that looked like it was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered one and got it very quickly, in less than a week.

First, let’s talk about what we would want in a holster.

“Back in the day” holsters were built differently than they are nowadays. They were almost all made of leather and were not built for retention or safety.

Some even exposed the trigger of the gun when in the holster.

Of course, this was not as big of a problem when we carried revolvers, as it was very difficult to pull the trigger double action when the revolver was in the holster.

Others had only a snap to secure the pistol to the holster. And the trigger was not fully enclosed.

Others had no retention at all except the weight of the pistol.

Improvements have been made in holster technology and Alien Wear has perfected several of these improvements. Let’s look at their holster.

I had looked at their site and ordered an Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband). I needed a right hand model for a Glock 19, and with a 1 ½ inch belt size.

Here is what arrived.

As you can see, there is a lot of “extras” included with the holster.

It came with very detailed instructions and plenty of spacers and screws to allow the wearer to adjust the holster to his gun.

It also has both a paddle style attachment (which I will use) and also a slide option if you prefer that set-up.

I had ordered one for my Glock Model 19.

As you can see, when inserted, the holster completely covers the trigger guard of the pistol.

The paddle has the Alien imprinted on it.

It has a nice, large hook to anchor it to your belt. The paddle can be adjusted for “cant” of up to 15 degrees in either direction.

An Allen wrench is supplied and you can adjust the tightness of retention of the holster. It “locks” the pistol into the holster very securely.


An Allen wrench is supplied and you can adjust the tightness of retention of the holster. It “locks” the pistol into the holster very securely.

There are rubber grommets under the retention screws and a steel plate inside the core of the holster.

I held the pistol and holster upside down and shook it. It was solid as a rock, yet easy to draw when needed.

The end of the pistol barrel is covered by the holster.

There is a full-length groove built into the holster that allows the sight to be protected without being damaged by inserting or removing it from the holster.

I had my stepson try the holster. It was easily concealed by a loose shirt worn over the concealed set-up.

Just pushing back on the outer shirt allows the pistol to be easily drawn.

We then tried moving the holster further back on his belt. alien17

We then tried moving the holster further back on his belt.

This allowed a better position for concealment and also drawing the pistol.


1. The holster is everything it was advertised to be. Very well made, with everything you need to allow either use with a paddle or a belt slide.

2. It holds the pistol very securely yet allows easy drawing when needed.

3. The cost was $47.88 which is very reasonable for a holster of this quality.

4. Their guarantee is almost unbeatable. They have a “Forever Warranty”, and a 30-day test drive after which you can return the holster if you are unsatisfied.

They even have a “Free Shell Trades for Life” offer, meaning that if you change your carry gun, they will allow you to trade the shell of the holster for another one that will fit your new pistol.

I am very impressed with this holster. If you are looking for a concealed carry holster, give a look.

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  1. My son has encouraged me with IDPA shooting-instead of shooting paper targets. So I went looking for a nice holster that would meet CCL or LTC here in Texas. I’m holding on to a Beretta 9000s (compact) in .40 cal. and have considered it as my concealed carry. There are not but a couple of Holster Mfg. that addressed this odd ball Beretta.

    I checked out Alien Gear and was amazed at the products and chose a Cloak Mod OWB. It took less that 5 days from a midnight order to delivery via UPS.
    I am really excited to use this holster. Their product is superior to other Mfg. and quite versatile in the positions and attachments to your waist/belt. The holster fit the Beretta 9000s like a tight glove. Damn, couldn’t ask for better. Excellent retention and adjustable.

    Of all the things that have been written up about Alien Gear is spot on (warranty & such) but the best thing is you can alter the setup with another pistol “shell” for $13. That means I could set up a for damn near any pistol you can find. That to me is outstanding. Great folks there in Idaho Falls, ID

  2. I have a couple of Alien Gear IWB holsters. My normal carry is a Springfiedd XDs 3.3 .45 ACP. Very comfortable and easily concealable with a polo shirt.

  3. Edwin Russell // February 17, 2017 at 7:10 pm // Reply

    Read this review and decided to order a holster for my CZ p07 because Blackhawk did not make one for the P07. I order the cloak OWB that Alien said was for my CZ. If this holster is made for the CZ P07 then I am Kobe Bryant. Small spacers would not even allow my Bersa .22 to gain access. Large spacers will not allow longest screws to catch the nuts using the washers. Cannot adjust tension screws more than a quarter turn because CZ will not seat smoothly, and if forced in then when drawing the weapon I get a wedgie that is painful.

    I will never order anything else from Alien Gear.

  4. alleyrunner // August 6, 2017 at 11:49 am // Reply

    i appreciate your including both positive and negative responses… and your site in general.
    boxotruth… awesome.

  5. Overall, Alien Gear does well. It DOES have a few “gotchas”. The worst (I have more than two) is that the screws holding the shell tend to back out at inconvenient intervals. Mine have, thus far, been in the house and I heard the screw/bushing clank something each time it has happened. A bit of LocTite does well, but that precludes changing guns (shell).

    The other problem I have seen is inconsistencies in hole layouts for the shells. I have multiple “spare” shells and several are more than difficult to utilize. One (and I wrote to AG and received a replacement, that had the same problem) has/had the hole so far out of alignment that it is unusable.

    Most AG units are good. A few are far less than that.

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