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The Buick O’ Truth #2 – Windshields Outside/In

Police officers are often forced to fire from outside a vehicle into the passenger compartment through the laminated windshield glass.As I said earlier, a car is actually an incredibly effective lethal weapon, a fact violent suspects know and exploit.Sometimes to keep from being run over or to keep a fellow officer from being run over, and officer is forced to fire into the passenger compartment to try and stop the [...]

The Buick O’ Truth #1 – Windshields Inside/Out

People often wonder and debate about cars and how they react to being shot with various types of weapons and ammunition. The best way to find out the answer to those various car-related shooting questions is to actually shoot some cars. First, let’s consider a situation sometimes faced by police officers, military personnel and even civilians.Shooting inside of a vehicle. Can it be done? What happens when you [...]

The Buick O’ Truth #3 – Pistols and Car Doors

A lot of officers have been trained to conduct a high risk stop behind the “cover” of their door, leaving it open while they kneel behind it with their weapon drawn.This seems like a very logical tactic, but as you are about to see, it actually doesn’t work in the real world. Notice that the pictures are taken from farther away this time. This is a safety precaution.Shooting a car is a fun thing to do, [...]

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